Join us to develop your skills, broaden your horizons, and achieve your goals in the exciting world of football !

Why Choose Us

Our organisation has been offering immersive experiences, sports-study projects, and year-round development sessions/camps since 2012, ranging from Elite championships to test matches, short and medium-term immersion programs abroad, to preparation for careers in the football industry.

We believe in giving young athletes the chance to broaden their horizons by experiencing new cultures and countries.

Our approach involves visiting major cities, attending soccer school training sessions, and taking in the excitement of top-level games in the French and English leagues. By doing so, we aim to provide a unique combination of football ambition and technical knowledge.

The quality of training, facilities, coaches, and opponents in these leagues is unparalleled, providing aspiring athletes with the opportunity to set ambitious goals and pursue potential careers with elite organisations. 

In addition, our programs include sports science and professionalism courses that cover essential topics like biomechanics, nutrition, and life management for professional athletes.

These courses also serve as an excellent preparation for management or coaching badges.


  • Training sessions in collaboration with professional clubs with intensive language practice. 

  • Exchange, masterclass sessions with coachs and discovery of internal working standards.

  • Internship in partner companies within the sport business field (marketing, event-planning, sales and more..)

  • Placement in national & regional structures (leagues, federation, headquarters..)

  • Sensibilisation to planification, legal and financial aspects of a public institution


  • Our Performance Program aims to optimise the player’s athletic potential.

  • Collective and individual session are dispensed with tests and trial games based on 3 athletic cycles of 6 weeks.

  • Integration to U21 & U23 of clubs and academies partners (training, championship & cup games)

  • Scouting games and trials are planned when players reach their optimal athletic form to allow the best performance possible.

International Trial Programs

S2C Academy has a strong international orientation from the start.
Cultural exchanges, twinning projects, internships and tours in the different countries we are working with are majors in our development strategy.

Intensive training camps, immersion and trials are also regularly held in collaboration with our clubs, highs-schools and universities partners.


IS2C Academy combines Elite sport project and study to boost self-esteem and transmit values as ambition, humility and hard-work.

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